Scientifically Proven Supplements for Hair Growth

supplements for hair growthSo many people are looking for real and effective supplements for hair growth. A study released by the American Hair Loss Association says that about eighty-five percent of men will have major hair loss by the age of fifty. In fact, thinning hair can affect men as young as twenty-one years old.

Most people think hair loss is a male problem, but that’s not entirely true. Women make up a big part of hair loss sufferers in the Unites States. For women, and even men, hair loss can be a traumatic and devastating blow to their self-image.

We all know how important vitamins and supplements are for our body. Several scientific studies have shown that there are many vitamins and supplements that support hair growth. These particular vitamins and minerals have have proven to be especially helpful for those suffering from alopecia.

Here’s a breakdown of some of them.

Scientifically Tested Supplements for Hair Growth

  • Cedar oil is considered a great natural supplement for hair growth. Research has shown that cedar oil is highly beneficial in treating baldness as well as skin conditions. When applied directly to the scalp, this natural supplement for hair growth yielded very positive results.
  • Amino acids can also sufficiently increase and maintain hair growth due to the fact that hair follicles require a constant supply of amino acids. Hair follicles contain some of the fastest growing and dividing cells in the body. Due to their high consumption rates, hair follicles require energy, vitamins, and amino acids. The essential amino acids are arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine and valine.
  • Other natural supplements for hair growth are beta carotene, silica, nettle root, magnesium sulfate, and flaxseed oil.

In most cases, hair loss is not a result of medical problems and isn’t an imminent risk to your health. However, experts in the field do agree that worrying about hair loss can potentially be counterproductive.

Actually preventing hair loss is much more effective than traditional hair replacement procedures. When it comes to preventive methods, it is suggested that you carefully look at all your choices before deciding on a course of action.

Unfortunately, hair loss in women hasn’t been a priority in the medical industry. This has forced many women to find their own resources like vitamins and natural supplements for hair growth. When it comes to their self-image due to a perceived ‘unattractiveness’, the emotional damage can seriously impact them physically. Natural supplements can help with both the health of their hair and their general health and overall well-being.

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